15 July, 2014

- We finally have our new promo pics up in the gallery! Check them out here!

5 May, 2014

- We are proud to announce that we will be attending Gamrocken Festival, Ludvika in August this year!

27 April, 2014

- Tomorrow we go on tour, be sure to follow us on Instagram @myrahband to see all our crazy adventures!

31 March, 2014

- Just wanted to let you know we updated the tour date site with flags, so you can easily see in which country we are playing or have played in. Also we put the ¨Fading Away¨video under Media so you can go back and watch it again and again and again without having to scroll down this page for ages. ;) Enjoy!

30 March, 2014

- We present to you a brand new song from our upcoming EP "Ge Mig Liv". Here is "Fading Away" Enjoy!

16 January, 2014

- We our proud as hell to tell you that we are chosen to participate in the Wacken Metal Battle Sweden 2014. This is awesome, and we will kick some ass on stage!

14 January, 2014

- We have several new tour dates confirmed! We will be attending the music competition "Livekarusellen" this year, which will be super fun! Hope to see you there, voting and cheering for us! The May tour is also coming together nicely. For more info click HERE!

- We're also in the studio at the moment and the recordings are going great! Here are some pics for you to look at while you're waiting for our new stuff! Enjoy!


24 December, 2013

- We wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

29 September, 2013

- Tour schedule is updated! Next week we're heading to Estonia and Latvia to do three shows. Hope to see you there!

13 June, 2013

- We are happy to announce that we added two new members to the Myrah family.
First of all, Micael swiched from bass to lead guitar. You're doing a great job!
Welcome Ian Barstow, our new bass player. And we say welcome back to our "new" drummer, Joakim Granvold. Thank you for a tour well done. We're looking forward to have you both as a part of our family!

25 April, 2013

-Now there is a way of helping Myrah and getting something worth your while. You can sponsor us and get something in return, for example a signed CD, a personal postcard from our upcoming tour or a signed drumstick. Click HERE to find out more about it!

6 March, 2013

- The new band logo is finished. We looked through all the entries from the competition and unfortunately none of them matched what we were looking for. But all of you who participated will be rewarded. We will send each one of you a prize pack of our latest cd and a t-shirt

So here is our new logo! Artist: Josefin Berg, Designer: Jörgen "Fundix" Fundin.

19 February, 2013

- Several new tour dates confirmed! Check it out HERE!

15 February, 2013

-Wanna see Myrah at MetalDays, Slovenia?
Then we need YOUR vote! If you wanna help us, go to -->THIS <-- site and vote for us to play at MetalDays!
We would really appreciate it. Please also tell your friends to vote for us!

6 February, 2013

- If you want to attend the band logo competition, now is your last chance!
Only FIVE more days to go. February 11th will be the last day to send in your entries.

Design a new 'MYRAH' logo for us and send it to myrah@myrahband.com
The winner will get their name on our website and our upcoming albums, a package containing our two latest albums signed by the band and a Myrah  t-shirt.

29 January, 2013

-New gig in Stockholm confirmed! Check it out here!

10 January, 2013

- Design competition!

Myrah needs a new band logo! So we're having a design competition for anyone to attend!
What you need to do is to design a 'Myrah' logo for us, mail it to myrah@myrahband.com and we will announce the winner in a months time. The winner will get their name on our website and our upcoming albums, a package containing our two latest albums signed by the band and a Myrah  t-shirt.
So what are you waiting for! Design away!

- New live videos from our latest tour are up! Check them out here!

8 January, 2013

- Myrah is looking for a new bassist and drummer!

Myrah is a professional band, we've released 2 albums and a bunch of ep's.
We often play live and we tour in Europe every year.
In May we're going on a two week tour in Germany and Switzerland.
The new band members shall be experienced live musicians with passion for the music.

Are you interested? Contact Micael at micael@myrahband.com

20 December, 2012

- We regret to inform that Tobias and Natalie have chosen to leave the band due to personal reasons.
They have chosen other paths in their lives and we fully respect that. Thank you for these years and good luck in the future.

Myrah will continue, no worries!
More info about the future will be updated soon.

8 November, 2012

- Tomorrow, Patrik & Micael will attend Metal Express Radio's 'Friday Guest DJ Hour'.
They will be playing some of their favorite tracks and talk about personal musical influences.
So tune in here at 15:00 and 21:00 Central European Time (9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Eastern US Time.)

5 November, 2012

- New show added to next years May Tour. This show is in Switzerland, for more info about dates and locations, check out our Tour schedule.

- A new review of 'My Deliverance' from the italian Aristocrazia webzine.

10 October, 2012

- Myrah added a new mysterious member to their crew... To see who or what it is, check our blog!

- More shows are added to the upcoming November tour! For more info about dates and locations check out our Tour schedule.

9 October, 2012

- Several new shows confirmed in Germany next year! For more info about dates and locations check out our Tour schedule.

- A new review of 'My Deliverance' from Slovakian Rockhardskcz.eu is up under Media.

4 October, 2012

- Our guestbook is up and running. Write a word or two!

2 October, 2012

- New show confirmed at Club Rock'n Roll in Tartu, Estonia on November 23rd! More shows & tour information to follow shortly.

1 October, 2012

- Cool news! Myrah will be featured in this cook book that will be out in the beginning of next year. Check this... Metal Munchers - "The second coming"

- Several new reviews of 'My Deliverance' are up under Media.

12 September, 2012

- New show confirmed at Depo in Riga, Latvia on the 24th November! More shows & tour information to follow shortly.
22 August, 2012

- Short notice, but to those attending Atlanterhavsrock Festival in northern Norway, be sure to catch Myrah! We'll be sharing the stage with U.D.O., Sirenia, Dark Fortress & fellow Östersund natives Souldrainer!
20 July, 2012

- Myrah have now signed with Inverse Records, a Finnish label which will be releasing 'My Deliverance' internationally from the 14th September. You can view an update about the release at Inverse here.

- "My Deliverance" is available in Sweden TODAY!

5 July, 2012

- The 'My Deliverance' Release Party has been booked for the 21st July! We'll be playing a few songs off the new album at Gamla Tingshuset in Östersund, followed by an after party at local bar, News. Free entry to both. We hope to see you there!
26 June, 2012

- We are very happy to anounce the release of our new album, 'My Deliverance'! On sale now, you can purchase it from CDON, Ginza & Megastore (for those within Sweden). International purchases can be made through CDON. The album is also available to listen to through Spotify.

- A release party in Östersund is planned for sometime in July. Stay tuned for more information!

6 June, 2012

- For a limited time, one of the tracks off the upcoming album, 'My Deliverance' is available to listen to on Myspace! PLease enjoy 'As Memories Fade Away'

- Also just released is a promo video for 'My Deliverance', up now on Youtube. Check it out!

26 April, 2012

- We are very happy to annouce that work on the new album is complete! 'My Deliverance' is due to be released on 20th June 2012. More information will be released in the weeks leading up to its release.

- New merchandise has been released in conjunction with the new album. Girls & guys t-shirts available in sizes S-XL for only 180SEK. Bargain! For more information, please email myrah(at)myrah.com.


- Myrah is also now endorsed by Tapp Amps!

21 March, 2012

- Work on the new album continues, & the guitars have just been completed. Myrah are happy to endorse custom-made Tapp Amps, which we used on the new album. For more information, please visit the Tapp Amps website.

16th February, 2012

- 'My Deliverance' has been reviewed by Mystic Metal. Read it here!

- Two more gigs added to the tour roster; 12th May at Riva, Latvia and 26th May in Östersund, Sweden.

- Recording of the new album has commenced. Keep posted for further updates!

3rd February, 2012

- First gig in Latvia is now booked for May 11th. Looking forward to it! - Recording for the new album begins next week. Stay tuned for updates.

14th January, 2012

- Myrah are very happy to announce that they are now a part of Rambo Music!

- Myrah are soon headed into the studio to begin recording the follow-up album to Six Feet Down. Stay tuned for updates.

28th November, 2011

- A great review for 'My Deliverance' is on Skope, you can read it here.

- We are currently working on the follow-up album to 'Six Feet Down'. Stay tuned for updates!

- An interview with Josefin is on SwedenMetal (interview is in Swedish)

1st October, 2011

- Another show added to the tour roster for next year; another appearance at Gosport Waterfront Festival in England!

26th September, 2011

- Another German show with Mainpoint added to the tour roster for the German tour in 2012.

23rd September, 2011

- Two more German shows added to the tour page for next year! Keep coming back for updates.

8th September, 2011

- Two new shows have been added to the tour page for our upcoming tour of Germany for 2012! Keep checking back for more dates.

2nd September, 2011

- Photos from the performance at Gosport Festival have been added to the gallery. Thanks to Alex Bailey for the photographs.

31st August, 2011

- We would like to thank the organisers, crew & everyone who came to see us at Gosport Festival. We had a great time & we look forward to coming back next year!

5th August, 2011

- Natalie's listed on Soultone Cymbals website. Read about her drumming journey here

22nd July, 2011

- New gig announcement - Myrah are playing our first show in the UK on the 27th August at the Gosport Waterfront Festival in England!

15th July, 2011

- New gig in Storvik has been confirmed, where we will be performing new songs from the new album we're working on. Visit the tour page for more details.

- Myrah are on Twitter! Follow us!

26th June, 2011

- Patrik was recently interviewed by SwedenMetal. Read the interview here.

- 'My Deliverance' has been added to the discography, & has also been reviewed at Metal Perspective & SwedenMetal. You can also listen to the new tracks here.

- Myrah are working on new material to be recorded over the next couple of months for the follow-up to 'Six Feet Down'. Stay tuned for updates!

17th May, 2011

- A big thanks to all who came to Atlanterhavsrock Festival in Norway, the bands whom we shared the stage with & the organisers. We had a fantastic time. Images from the show are up!

- Artwork for the new EP is now completed, & we're very happy to feature the work of artist Pierre-Alain Durand. Below is a sneak preview of the artwork for the upcoming release, & you can also view more of Pierre-Alain's amazing work at his website.

You can hear songs from the upcoming release on our myspace page.

9th April, 2011

- A big thanks to everyone in Germany who came to our shows. We had an awesome time, & look forward to returning.

A very special thank you to Mainpoint for their hospitality & giving us this opportunity. We look forward to more shows with you!

9th March, 2011

- New upcoming gig in Stockholm added to the tour page.

8th March, 2011

- We're happy to announce that Natalie is now endorsed by Soultone Cymbals! Congrats Nat!

- We've also gained endorsement through Musikanten. Thanks so much for your support!

- The gallery is now up & running. Check it out for promotional & live images of the band.

2nd March, 2011

- New upcoming show added to the tour page.

12th February, 2011

- Myrah have been confirmed for Atlanterhavsrock Festival in Kristiansund, Norway on the 6th-7th May 2011! We hope to see you there!

- Finishing touches are being finalised on the upcoming EP. Keep checking back for updates.

30th January, 2011

- Congratulations to Micael, Patrik and Tobias for their recently acquired Mayones endorsement. You can view their pages on the Mayones site here: Micael / Patrik / Tobias

- Upcoming shows lined up for Sweden and Germany have been added to the tours page. Stay posted for more shows!

- New Myrah site is up & running


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